Young boy replaces 20 different epilepsy pills with cannabis oil

Perfectly healthy when he was born, little Jayden David was just like any other baby. He was smiley, brought joy to his parents, and he probably kept them up at night too. Somewhere around four months old, everything began to change. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what suddenly started causing the boy to experience abnormal, excessive and synchronous neuronal activity in his brain. What was causing the 4-month-old to suddenly start experiencing fits of vicious epileptic seizures? What had changed so drastically inside the newborn’s brain?

His parents could only think of one thing: to consult doctors and specialists. Instead of investigating the cause, the doctors, with their sincere, good intentions, tried to find ways to suppress the baby’s symptoms with their prescribing power. Thus began a long, dark and winding road of shoving new pills down little Jayden David’s throat.

But even doctors’ good intentions could not overpower the ruthless, failed pharmaceutical science and philosophy they were dishing out. The pills never involved active investigation of the causes of the boy’s seizures, and they never allowed the boy’s body to innately heal. With each doctor’s visit more drugs were prescribed, but the seizures never went away. The boy’s condition worsened, as his body was forced to fight the side effects of multiple drugs.

Twenty-two pharmaceuticals a day were destroying the boy’s life

None of the pharmaceuticals helped. The struggle changed everything for the family. Little Jayden David grew up taking up to 22 prescription drugs a day. The doctors had even got him addicted to a horrifying class of drugs called benzodiazepines. The drugs made Jayden experience hallucinations and fits of screaming and insomnia.

His condition ranged from uncontrolled jerking movements, to a momentary loss of awareness. It was hard to differentiate a seizure from a side effect. Children who experience these fits of abnormal neuron activity are labeled as having a predisposition to epilepsy, but very little research actually investigates what sets off this abnormal neuron activity in the brain. Is it safe to ask if aluminum adjuvant was involved, causing the seizures to start and persist? Maybe the boy had a predisposition to the negative effects of aluminum on neuron activity in the brain.

Whatever the cause, the seizures continued, along with viscous side effects from the prescriptions, until the boy was 5 years old. At one point he had up to 500 seizures a day. With 22 pills going into his body daily, the boy must have felt dead inside, as the intermixing chemical effects manipulated his body and brain. Insurance didn’t always cover the treatments, leaving the boy’s father on the brink of losing his business and his home.

Cannabis oil frees 5-year-old from seizures and 20 prescription drugs

The father fought on, and began looking for new routes to his son’s healing. He had to find a way to get him off the drugs, one at a time. Any relief would have been a breakthrough at this point. When he got his hands on cannabis oil, he hoped for the best, applying the green extract directly into his son’s mouth.

The seizures stopped the first day he took cannabis oil. Now this is not the kind of cannabis that people use for euphoric pleasure. Full spectrum CBD cannabis oil doesn’t produce a high, because the CBDs inhibit the effect of THC in the cell’s receptors.

More importantly, as soon as the CBDs were applied and utilized in the boy’s body, the constant seizures stopped. The father started weaning his son off the prescription drugs. Using cannabis oil, the boy has gone from 22 pills a day and constant seizures, to two pills a day while regaining control over his physical body and state of mind.

Watch their incredible story to learn more about the boy’s amazing recovery using cannabis oil here.

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