More for Your Money: Discover Lexaria Hemp Oil-Infused Edibles

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In today’s world of hemp food technology, one company leads the pack in offering more for your money while doing the body good. Welcome to the world of Lexaria Bioscience.

(Article by Bianca Fox)

Having just invented a new technology that offers users edibles that really pack a punch, Lexaria Bioscience is saving consumers money and offering a product that will give competitors a run for their money. “Consumers can eat one-half or one-third the amount of their cannabis medicine through our enhanced food products and get the same result as if they ate more of many other popular brands,” Lexaria CEO Chris Bunka told DOPE. “It saves money and lowers the dosage entering the body, which is really a good thing.”

This technology occurs by wrapping the cannabidiol (CBD) or THC molecules in lipids (fatty acids) for enhanced gastrointestinal absorption at up to a five-fold improvement. The patent pending has been tested for time of onset, and has been reported effective in as little as 15 minutes. The product absorbs faster and much more efficiently because the CBD or THC is encapsulated by fat, which is preferentially absorbed by the human GI tract. Who knew? It means less product ingested and less money spent.

This clinically tested technology is available in a line of products including ViPova brand coffee, tea, hot chocolate and Lexaria Energy brand protein energy bars so that consumers can enjoy healthy cannabinoid-enhanced foods any time of day.

Bunka, who resides in British Columbia, Canada, explained the benefits of hemp. Many already know of its naturally occurring cannabinoid compounds, extracted as oil for health benefits. The most abundant cannabinoid, CBD, is anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic and anti-convulsive in addition to pain and anxiety relieving.

“The consensus of thousands of studies on the effects of cannabinoids that are derived from hemp plants, is that CBD—the most prolific ingredient in the hemp extract world—is the primary molecule responsible for the miraculous stories of healing we’ve all encountered in the media,” Bunka added. “Even the U.S. Department of Health, in their patent on cannabinoids, claims that the cannabinoids are a potent anti-inflammatory.”

Lexaria uses the finest agriculturally-derived full spectrum hemp oil from EU certified cultivators which is extracted using solvent-free methods. “Full spectrum” allows for the presence of amino acids, fatty acids, carotene and vitamins. Other hemp compounds are present, leading them to all work together synergistically, an important benefit for consumers.

The bars are suggested to work best before or after a workout to enhance focus and performance while aiding in the body’s post recovery. The protein energy bar consists of 13g of fiber and 21g of protein, with no added sugar, preservatives or color. It’s a healthy snacking option and has 10mg of cannabidiol.

The teas taste great as well. They are offered in six flavors and decaf varieties so the tea can be enjoyed day or night. Although the technology wasn’t designed to enhance flavor, it does “trick” the body’s senses into detecting the fatty acids instead of the cannabinoids within. So these just might be the best tasting edible products on the market.

“The products have been tested by third parties with either marijuana extracts or hemp extracts,” Bunka said. “They taste exactly the same with either. That is very cool.”

Bunka described his testers’ reactions, “When I meet up with those who enjoy hemp or marijuana-based edibles and give them the protein bar, they take one bite, look at me and say, ‘There’s nothing in here!’ I reply, ‘Yes, there is!’ They cannot believe it because they cannot taste it. And that’s the whole point of our tech—to get your body to absorb the cannabinoids without detecting them.”

Decade-old Lexaria has some recent reasons to celebrate. Their technological advantages in the marketplace were evidenced recently in a financial transaction granted to Lexaria by a licensee in Colorado who has agreed to pay up to $1 million in tech licensing fees. The company produces THC chocolates and by using Lexaria technology, they will deliver a superior experience to their customers.

Bunka explained of the move, “It took us longer than expected to create brand-new industry-leading paperwork and agreements, but it was worth it: third-party validation that our tech is important enough to pay for. We think this is just the first of many to be announced this year and these will form the foundation for our performance for years to come.”

Lexaria is currently in talks with national retail stores about gaining shelf space for their products. Lexaria products are available in about 30 dispensaries in California and online at

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